...salumi sopraffini che gustano anche i bambini

Salumificio Benassi has its roots in Castelguelfo of Parma in the heart of the Po Valley, where the salted pork and cured meats such as bow, recalling lovers and connoisseurs from all over Italy, (and why not, the world) are at home, by always.

In the typical climate of these areas are characterized by cold winters and hot summers and foggy and sunny, you have the right alternation of wet and dry periods which allows slow ripening of sausages giving their inimitable aromas and flavors.

These gastronomic jewels are appreciated by those looking for wholesome foods, the result of ability, commitment, passion and craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.

And it is for this reason that Salumificio Benassi, family character, he decided to specialize in the production of salted pork and bow, deciding to focus on QUALITY and SERVICE:

  • only selected pork cuts, exclusively national,
  • rigorous salting carried out by expert hands,
  • natural aging followed step by step in the cellars of the company.

It is in these local culatelli and bows are maintained at an optimum level of temperature and humidity, which ensures a fragrant, soft and fragrant. All this, of course, in full compliance with sanitary regulations in force.